Sample Projects

Browse some of our projects, where we have supported our partners to make informed decisions for business growth

Clinical Trials

1. REsect: Blinded assessment of resectability of previously unresectable colorectal cancer liver metastases following chemotherapy±Y90-RadioEmbolization

2. SIRFLOX study Novel approach to defining the depth of response (DpR) within a volumetric model in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC).

3. Assay variability in Antivirogram bioassay and proficiency testing to determine the gold standard. Inventing control charts for the mega-variate data resulting from the experiment.


1. PATHS-NIGERIA survey on the factors influencing the uptake of Immunization.

2. COMPASS 2005 Baseline Survey on Health, Education and Social Services

Healthcare Management

1. Profiling hospitals based on emergency readmission: A multilevel transition modelling approach.

2. Towards effective capacity planning in a perinatal network centre.

3. Identifying the patient profile and the cohort of users of a portfolio of acute services.

4. Development of a software toolkit (FLoSC) for local councils in forecasting cost of institutionalized long-term care residents.

Structural Health Monitoring

Damage detection in civil engineering structures.