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Sample Projects

Browse some of our projects, where we have supported our partners to make informed decisions for business growth

Clinical Trials

1. REsect: Blinded assessment of resectability of previously unresectable colorectal cancer liver metastases following chemotherapy±Y90-RadioEmbolization

2. SIRFLOX study Novel approach to defining the depth of response (DpR) within a volumetric model in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC).

3. Assay variability in Antivirogram bioassay and proficiency testing to determine the gold standard. 

4. Inventing control charts for the mega-variate data resulting from phenotypic and genotypic laboratory experiment.

HES Database Set up for the University of Hertfordshire

Design, Implementation, Testing and Commissioning of HES Database for Advance Healthcare Analytics and Clinical Decision Support Systems development

Structural Health Monitoring

Damage detection in civil engineering structures.


1. PATHS-NIGERIA survey on the factors influencing the uptake of Immunization.

2. COMPASS 2005 Baseline Survey on Health, Education and Social Services

Healthcare Management

1. Profiling hospitals based on emergency readmission: A multilevel transition modelling approach.

2. Towards effective capacity planning in a perinatal network centre.

3. Identifying the patient profile and the cohort of users of a portfolio of acute services.

4. Development of a software toolkit (FLoSC) for local councils in forecasting cost of institutionalized long-term care residents.